Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam Tanzania 2023

CIFOR/ICRAF –We work in partnership with governments, academia, civil society and private companies to deliver solutions to five major global challenges: deforestation and biodiversity loss, the climate crisis, unsustainable food systems, unsustainable supply and value chains, and extreme inequality.” This placement is an exciting opportunity to work with organizations to help provide funding, research proposals and contribute to ideas surrounding climate, forestry promoting biodiversity and equality initiatives. Please review the website for more information on the organization

UN-Habitat –  Promoting Urbanization in a fragmented word. The UN – Habitat placement is about providing support to human settlements. Working a few days a week at the UN building, doing administrative tasks, data cataloguing, field work and whichever needs arise related to ongoing projects. Working under a supervisor at UN. Please review website for more information on UN-Habitat

Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Center- Working alongside the team at the grassroots organization Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group (MECYG) who works in the informal settlement to promote recycling methods and use art as a means to re-use waste for kids to creatively express themselves and create life from trash.

Youth Café- The Youth Café is a non-governmental organization founded in 2012 that focuses on developing projects in partnership with funding organizations for the purpose of benefitting and empowering youth within Africa. Work is typically in an office setting, focused on formulating solutions to complex problems, then coordinating with partner organizations to put said plans into action.

The primary keys to The Youth Café are versatility and teamwork. Projects always range in focus and come very quickly. This requires being able to quickly get up to speed on something, while contributing thoughts and additions of your own. One week you can work on the website, the next you’ll be writing a policy brief or sending emails with the communications department.

Much of the work is done on laptops in the office, so being savvy with computers is an asset. Some programs/websites utilized during my time here were google docs, Microsoft excel, Squarespace, PowerPoint, and/or google slides. Communication is also important due to the number of meetings that The Youth Café has with a variety of people and organizations.

University of Nairobi – Mifood Project
South Sudanese Refugee Initiative / Applied Food Security

This placement is with the MiFood Project. The role consists of assisting with research in affiliation with the University of Nairobi on the MiFood project “Gender and Urban Food Insecurity: A Case Study Analysis of South Sudanese Refugees in Nairobi, Kenya”. Your placement may include reaching out to UNHCR and other organizations to set up meetings, provide reports, write concept notes and literature reviews on the topic. The goal being to provide a tangible project or outcome for Urban refugees (South Sudanese) living in Kenya who find themselves restricted of rights, access to food and mobility. This is an opportunity to expand your knowledge on food systems especially as it related to Kenya’s history and planning.

Applied research women/agriculture and health -Cooperative University of Kenya

Working on proposals, grant writing and research related to women, agriculture and health in Kenya in collaboration with University of Kenya.

Public Space Network-
Opportunities here relate to Urban Planning, green spaces and working with the organization to take part in planning or hosting events, initiatives and or working with social media to manage presence. There is opportunity for research and grant writing. Please see website for more information on the organization

HOME | Public Space Network

Institute of Human Settlement Studies IHSS – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania QES Placement Description

The Institute of Human Settlements Studies (IHSS) is a research Directorate of Ardhi
University founded in 1979. The Institute conducts interdisciplinary basic and applied
research at the University in collaboration with local and International Institutions. It also
offers postgraduate training and community services in a range of human settlements-related
We are interested in extending international collaborations through internship placements
focusing on the SDGs, gender equality and the rights of marginalized populations. We are
excited to host students who would like to get involved in areas of (but not limited to) land,
local economic development and governance; housing and infrastructure development and
management; climate change, environmental risks and gender; natural resources and urban
food security; and regional and community development.
We invite students with skills and a passion for applied research, digital media, and grant
writing to contribute to the UN SDGs. In addition, students with education or experience in
gender analysis, placemaking, peace and conflict, training, climate change, communications
and overall data analysis would be an asset to our organization.
You can find out more about our organization at the following website:
or email:

City Lab Placement- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Working and collaborating on urban planning and housing initiatives as it relates to women and youth. There is opportunity for grant writing, proposals, research and participatory field work as you extend your knowledge in topics related to child friendly city planning, innovation, housing and urbanization.

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