You Grow Food

My time spent in Canada not only enabled me gain knowledge and skills but also share experiences and ideas from Kenya in various aspects. My knowledge on environmental sustainability has improved and I have learnt lessons applicable in my home country Kenya with a view of situations, challenges and opportunities from a different perspective.

My class participation and the success of the Rail District Community Market was a great achievement as I engaged in sharing ideas with my fellow classmates. I now have a better understanding of Tactical Urbanism which is an approach to neighborhood building using short-term, low-cost and scalable interventions and policies. Such initiatives are easily applicable in developing nations and are sustainable as they are low-cost and require less technology.

The trip was quite adventurers as I had the opportunity to travel around British Columbia, interact with different people and make new friends. Networking with people from urban planning, environment and agricultural sector has enabled me get more understanding from an international perspective of the opportunities and challenges facing different sectors.

My personal networks have also been enhanced through the different relationships that I have created and from these, I got to share success stories from Kenya and also compare challenges and opportunities in Canada as a developed nation. Due to the global exposure, I was able to learn and understand how issues similar to what is being experienced in Kenya are being tackled.

From a great taste of new foods, interactions with amazing cultures, making new friend, wonderful sceneries in Abbotsford, Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria (just to mention a few) and above all gaining knowledge in environmental sustainability, my Canadian experience was a memorable one for sure!


Rail District Market


Mike, L., & Antony, G. (2015). Tactical Urbanism short-term action for long-term change

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