the QES internship was an amazing experience, learning new things, immersing myself in a different culture, meeting other QES interns, making new friends and travelling to different parts of Canada was fascinating. Studying, living, sharing experiences and learning with other international students broadened my horizon and enabled me to build networks and friendships with other students from Canada and other countries in the world.

Certainly, there are a number of things I learnt especially on food systems and urban agriculture. Some of which I have borrowed and aim to put into practice in my home, and even share the knowledge with my fellow colleagues and friends. I really enjoyed the two summer classes that we had, coordinated by Prof Cherie Enns, being an urban planner it was really impressive to take part in similar projects in indeginization, design thing and tactical urbanism i.e. the Mount Lehman Community and the Rail District Community Market. When I left Kenya, I had no idea that I would take part in setting up a community market, you would have told me this at the time; I would have probably laughed it off. I believe that this experience was one of my best moments while in Canada. A chance to help the community and socialize and meet new people and make friends. It was truly awesome.

Living at the students’ residence was also fun, as I was able to meet different people from different cultures, learning and trying out new recipes and dishes. It was really awesome to hang out with my friends especially during the World Cup, being around different nationalities each supporting their team. During our stay, we also helped to make an East African barbecue for all the students at Baker House. It was a humbling experience to prepare the Kenyan dishes that we love and see them enjoy and love our food culture as much as we do.

food baker house

Along the way, I had the chance to meet many incredible and intelligent people who are committed to inspire and create positive change in their city especially in the conferences and classes that I   was fortunate to attend. This has challenged me to also do the same, how can I Sherlyne also inspire and create a positive change especially as urban planner in my city. The entire experience has changed my perspective in life positively, and I can’t wait to show the world!!

Thanks UFV and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship for making this possible!!

Asante sana!

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